Saturday, September 21, 2013


My typical Sunday morning, like many of you, begins with waking up on time. This past Sunday, I managed to wake up at the exact time church service started, a repeated struggle of mine. With no hope of  making it to my favorite part of service (Praise & Worship), I decided to call it quits and watch service online. Coincidentally, DaNai called me shortly after to make sure I was heading to service. I hung up with new plans to accompany her to church. We both know spending time together means, wear your thrifted finds!

I always have the idea to dress like a church girl when I am visiting a new church for the first time. I wore a H&M fuchsia dress from The Nearly New Shop and black patent leather Chinese Laundrey heels from one of yours truly, favorite thrift stores, the Goodwill. And for my readers and soon to be "thrifters," who feel thrift stores are full of over-sized, old school clothing, I want to show you how wrong you are. My outfit is a perfect example of  modern attire, that you can find in any department store. By the way, I was thrifted down to my shoes!


 Ms. Black wore a black and gray striped blazer and a purple skirt both from Park Ave Thrift Store. She had on a basic black tee shirt underneath the blazer and paired it with black suede heels from Urban Outfitters.

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