Friday, March 14, 2014

1st Class Fashion!

Haven't you heard? Traveling the world may only cost you the price of a stylish outfit. I was introduced to this website called 1st Class Fashion, which serves as a platform for individuals all around the world to showcase their personal style. Now its not called 1st Class Fashion for no reason! You have the chance to win a FIRST class round trip ticket to any destination you desire to travel.  What a treat it is to be rewarded for being stylish! And another fun fact, 1st Class Fashion was founded by Collins Ezueka, a medical doctor, I'm assuming a fashionable one at that. All that being said, I need all of you to click on the link above and create your 1st Class Fashion account to begin uploading your most stylish outfits.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Swap Soiree!

We played party planner and hosted our very own Swap Soiree. This was our first event as D.R. Thrift and our very first swap party.  We invited all of our close friends for an afternoon of food, fun, and fashion! Every single one of us had an absolute ball! Brunch was full of laughter over quality girl talk! We had our friends each bring their gently used, unwanted clothes and accessories to trade with the other party guest.  There was quite a selection of clothes for everyone to choose from so no guest left empty handed.  We are so thankful to our friends that came out to support our event and a big shout out to Mama Black (D's mom) for all of her help!  We had so much fun hosting our Swap Soiree and we simply cannot wait to host our next event! Stay tuned...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Alvin Ailey

If you're a lover of the arts, then you must attend an Alvin Ailey show.  This was my first Alvin Ailey performance and it was breathtaking. I found myself creating a story of each piece as I watched from the audience.  It amazes me sometimes how gracefully and beautifully the body can move.  I attended the show with my college friend, Kayla, my mom, and her friends.  I took Alvin Ailey as an opportunity to wear the sexy, Carmen inspired number.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

In the name of LOVE

Well hello! D.R. has been extremely busy this past week, but now that the week has passed we can show you all some TLC.  So shall we recap on our Valentine's Day? We were fortunate enough to not only have one Valentine, but we each had three! We shared our V-day with our beautiful friends.  Valentine's Day is meant to be spent with ones you love and we did just that. Nothing is more important than loving on your friends.  The four of us got gussied up and went to dinner at Two Urban Licks in Atlanta.  The atmosphere was intimate with dimly lit lights and a live band, which made our night all the more special.  We hope your day of love was spent just the way you hoped.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Texturizer!!

Let us texturize, shall we?  We are not texturizing our hair, rather we are mixing different fabrics! Since this is a new venture for me, I played with the traditional hard and soft contrast. For my hard I wore my faux leather leggings from H&M and for my softer side, I wore my velour
 blazer.  I purchased my blazer from Park Avenue Thrift Store for $7.57, but received half off since I had a 50% off coupon. My floral printed shirt was thrifted from Park Avenue Outlet. As oddly as it sounds Park Ave, a thrift store, has an outlet store with extremely lower prices. My navy, floral shirt was less than $2.  So a quick background,depending on what day of the week you shop at Park Ave Outlet, nothing costs over $2. Monday everything in the store could only cost .75, but on Friday everything could only cost $1.25. Now back to my outfit!  My $3.93 earrings were found at the popular Goodwill. I added my crown brooch as a $3.53 signature touch, also from Goodwill. I wanted to keep the look dark and in the same color family. However, it would not have been right if I didn't add a pop of color.  My bright yellowish/lime hat was the perfect pop to act as a contrast to the dark side.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Rare Bird

Lately, I have been so inspired! Prints have found a place back into my heart. I was reintroduced to prints by way of Iris Apfel, Peter Pilotto's Target Collection, and Mara Hoffman's nyfw14 collection.  I was most influenced by Iris Apfel.  She is known as an interior designer and fashion icon. If you consider yourself a true fashionista and do not know who the fabulous Iris Apfel is then I dare you to do some fashion research! You will thank me later for the homework assignment.  Mrs. Apfel's style is confident, outrageous, bold, unpredictable, thrilling, flamboyant, and inspiring.  When asked in an interview by T Magazine, how do you define style, Mrs. Apfel replied, " Attitude, style is attitude attitude attitude. It ain't what you do, its the way you do it." With that in mind, I took my attitude and some fashion inspiration from Mrs. Iris Apfel and strutted my stuff in loud colors, vibrant prints, and my purple turban. And if you too become inspired by The Iris Apfel, but aren't sure where to start, she has her own jewelry collection called Rara Avis (rare bird) sold on HSN. Take a peak of her collection by clicking here!  

Introducing Iris Apfel

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Monochromatic Fever

R and I must be more in sync with each other than we thought.  I was so excited about what I was wearing to church this past Sunday when I sent a picture to R and in return she sent one back.  We both seemed to have caught mono, that is the monochromatic bug! I was prancing around looking like a hot pink high lighter, wearing a bright hot pink dress and tights adding a pop of color with purple heels.  R was doing her all black errthang, with black velour blazer and pants throwing in a touch of softness, wearing her beaded pastel pink heels.