About DR

 Rachel (left) is a graduate of Georgia State University originally from Brooklyn, New York. DaNai, pronounced da-nay, (right) is a graduate of Spelman College from Atlanta, Georgia.These young ladies are high school friends that share a love for thrifting. Throughout college Rachel and DaNai were restricted to a small budget and used thrifting as an alternative way to shop. Frugal Fashion is what they embody and in return want to introduce the wonders of thrifting with others. You'll be surprised by what treasures you discover while thrifting.

 They want to show people, especially the young, fabulous, and broke that you can find great pieces for even greater prices! You can look as fashionable as the next label queen, if not better, by finding unique pieces at the thrift store and intertwining them into your wardrobe. All you need is a little patience along with a budget and you're on your way to being a thrift queen or king, much like them! Even better you'll be creating your own signature style.

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