Sunday, March 2, 2014

Alvin Ailey

If you're a lover of the arts, then you must attend an Alvin Ailey show.  This was my first Alvin Ailey performance and it was breathtaking. I found myself creating a story of each piece as I watched from the audience.  It amazes me sometimes how gracefully and beautifully the body can move.  I attended the show with my college friend, Kayla, my mom, and her friends.  I took Alvin Ailey as an opportunity to wear the sexy, Carmen inspired number.
The floral, form fitting dress was such a steal! I only paid $10 for "Carmen," what I've decided to name the dress.  I found Carmen hanging stealthily amongst other dresses in Buffalo Exchange.  If you've ever seen the movie Carmen Jones featuring Dorothy Dandridge or Carmen the Hip Hopera starring Beyonce, then you should understand how the name fits. Plus, I love the bow detail, it adds a nice touch to the dress.

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