Thursday, February 27, 2014

In the name of LOVE

Well hello! D.R. has been extremely busy this past week, but now that the week has passed we can show you all some TLC.  So shall we recap on our Valentine's Day? We were fortunate enough to not only have one Valentine, but we each had three! We shared our V-day with our beautiful friends.  Valentine's Day is meant to be spent with ones you love and we did just that. Nothing is more important than loving on your friends.  The four of us got gussied up and went to dinner at Two Urban Licks in Atlanta.  The atmosphere was intimate with dimly lit lights and a live band, which made our night all the more special.  We hope your day of love was spent just the way you hoped.

DaNai's red dress is from B&R Thrift Store for $3.99. She added the fur cover to add another element to the dress to spice it up.  Her Steve Madden shoes were only $6 at the Nearly New Thrift Shop.

Rachel's lovely blue dress was from The Nearly New Shop for $12.  When she first bought the dress it was loose fitting. She took her dress to the tailor to get a slimmer fit and it came out perfectly! So a bit of advice, if you find yourself at odds with a garment but the fit too big, consider getting it tailored. I will warn you, the tailoring will be where you spend your money on as opposed to the garment if you thrifted it. It's up to your discretion if its worth the extra cost of tailoring and in Rachel's case, it was.

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