Friday, January 31, 2014

Let Your 20's Roar!!!

My girlfriends and I enjoyed ourselves this past weekend celebrating our radiant friend, Monica's 23rd birthday! Yay for the Jordan year!  We all took a journey back in time and found ourselves grasped in 1923.  We spent the night surrounded by flappers, gangsters, and glamorous dames doing the Charleston and dancing to jazz music.  It was a fun night of illegal drinking (due to the prohibition, for you non-historic ladies and gents), smoking cigarettes (a thing of the 20s), and capturing each moment with a flash.  Most importantly, we were dressed to the tee! I paraded the party in a fitted velvet gown I found while browsing Free Fab'rik! A dress that only cost me $18. And that fabulous white fur draped across my shoulders was $35 courtesy of the Goodwill.  Rachel twirled around the room in her $12.50 soft pink gown and $40 Italian made heels from Rag-O-Rama.  And because I loved my dress so much, it was only right to take the birthday girl thrifting to find the perfect dress for her roaring celebration.  As a Free Fab'rik fanatic, I brought her there to find her attire.  Her angelic white dress was originally $18, but she got it for $6 using Fab'rik great Scoutmob deal! 

Inner "ROYALE"

There comes a time in everyone's personal styling endeavors, when they assemble an outfit that brings out their inner "royale". Although D and I share the same love for fashion and thrifting, our styles slightly differ in taste. I enjoy polished looks that include solid contrast colors like black and white, while she enjoys prime colors and prints, which allow her to stand out. This past Sunday, I pulled out another one of my thrifted finds from Fairfax, click here to read about my Fairfax experience. And boy did I feel spiffy. I wore white fitted pants from Zara with black Ralph Lauren leather boots. To top it all off, I completed my ensemble with my thrifted, embroidered wool double breasted blazer. When it comes to fashion, wear what makes you feel "royale".

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cyber Thrift

Public Service Annoucenment: For all my readers out there who can't get enough of online shopping, I have the next best alternative to enjoying the outdoor hobby of thriftingthredUP is an online consignment shop that specializes in providing premium brands, like new clothes at reliably low prices. It's a perfect place to find higher end pieces for you brand whores out there (and I know you're out there :)) Once you enter the site, there are options to Shop, Sell, or Donate. I personally have not made a purchase through thredUP yet, but after reading about it in another blog, I just had to share the great news with my readers. If you're excited about making your first purchase through thredUP, be sure to get the 20% off promotional on your first purchase and free shipping over $50 (if you get too excited). Check it out and please share a personal review below!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Jacqueline of all trades...

Shall we take it back to a time when the Kennedy's dwelt in the White House and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy reigned the fashion world? I simply adore Jackie O., everything from her polished presence and classic style, to her infamous pillbox hats! She is one to take notes from, so ladies please pull out your pen and paper! I bought this powder blue dress to embrace the essence of Jackie O. Fast forward to present day,  it is my canning way of appearing to be draped in Kate Spade.  I took my powder blue dress to a wooded wonderland for some photography fun!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lets all take a field trip!

Do I have great news for you! If you want to thrift, but do not know where to start than I have the perfect venture for you.  Thrifting Atlanta is a site that is sponsoring a bus tour in the following month (February 1st to be exact).  The bus will meet at a central location in Atlanta and take passengers from thrift store to thrift store. The best part about this deal is that you don't have to do any work, other than sit back and enjoy the ride, the bus ride.  Be advised that there is a limited amount of tickets available, so you want to purchase your ticket soon.  Tickets cost $35, with only 13 available spots! I need to purchase mine so I can experience the tour to tell you all about it. Do not fret, Thrifting Atlanta does bus tours often so if you miss February's there will be one sure to follow! To get all the details and purchase tickets, click on here to link you to the website.

                     P.S. We have shopped at many of these stores, so you will not be disppointed!

Friday, January 3, 2014

NYE Kardashian Style...

This year my lovely friends and I decided to end the year a little differently.  I'm not talking about an ugly sweater party or some wild New Year's Eve party. Instead we bonded over hair, make-up, and beautifully thrifted fashion! So what I am trying to say, is that we had a good old-fashioned photo-shoot.  The idea was inspired by the Kardashian family's annual Christmas card, so we decided to do our own electronic version for our social media friends.  This was a fabulous and fun way for us to spend some much needed friend time, since we are all rarely in the same place at once. Our shoot consisted of two-looks, one for our Christmas card and the other for our New Year card.  Fun fact about my friends and I, we like to do things in the grandest of ways. Our Christmas card was a Janelle Monae inspired look, masculine/feminine, and we wore sequenced dresses for the New Year, which brings me to the thrifting portion.  Each of us wore beaded dresses that were collected over time by Rachel and I from various thrift, vintage, and consignment stores. Sidenote, Chanel brought her own thrifted sequenced dress.  The photos came out phenomenally thanks to our lovely photographer, Kebrianna "Keke" (check out her work on instagram, #kaughtbykeek). Everyone's inner model came out that night! Take a look, we're pretty smokin'! Happy New Year from the gals!!

Good-bye Thriftginity!!

Over the summer, R and I took our good friend Yesica on a little thrifting excursion.  It all started when she was moving into her new apartment and we went through her closet. Between us, somethings in her wardrobe simply had to go! Yesica has been wanting to go thrifting with us for a while, but after her closet make over her wardrobe was in need of restocking.  Yesica is heavily involved in her sorority and needed pieces that were business causal for her meetings and other school events.  Rachel and I kept it simple and took her to Goodwill to break her thriftginity.  To make things simple she gave herself a budget of $60 (Sidenote, it's always a good idea to have a budget). We looked through blazers, slacks, blouses, basically the whole women’s section and left with a satisfied friend.  And she stayed under budget, her total ended up being $40.24!