Friday, January 31, 2014

Let Your 20's Roar!!!

My girlfriends and I enjoyed ourselves this past weekend celebrating our radiant friend, Monica's 23rd birthday! Yay for the Jordan year!  We all took a journey back in time and found ourselves grasped in 1923.  We spent the night surrounded by flappers, gangsters, and glamorous dames doing the Charleston and dancing to jazz music.  It was a fun night of illegal drinking (due to the prohibition, for you non-historic ladies and gents), smoking cigarettes (a thing of the 20s), and capturing each moment with a flash.  Most importantly, we were dressed to the tee! I paraded the party in a fitted velvet gown I found while browsing Free Fab'rik! A dress that only cost me $18. And that fabulous white fur draped across my shoulders was $35 courtesy of the Goodwill.  Rachel twirled around the room in her $12.50 soft pink gown and $40 Italian made heels from Rag-O-Rama.  And because I loved my dress so much, it was only right to take the birthday girl thrifting to find the perfect dress for her roaring celebration.  As a Free Fab'rik fanatic, I brought her there to find her attire.  Her angelic white dress was originally $18, but she got it for $6 using Fab'rik great Scoutmob deal! 

Happy Birthday Monica!!

*We had such a hard time deciding what pictures to share.

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