Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Rare Bird

Lately, I have been so inspired! Prints have found a place back into my heart. I was reintroduced to prints by way of Iris Apfel, Peter Pilotto's Target Collection, and Mara Hoffman's nyfw14 collection.  I was most influenced by Iris Apfel.  She is known as an interior designer and fashion icon. If you consider yourself a true fashionista and do not know who the fabulous Iris Apfel is then I dare you to do some fashion research! You will thank me later for the homework assignment.  Mrs. Apfel's style is confident, outrageous, bold, unpredictable, thrilling, flamboyant, and inspiring.  When asked in an interview by T Magazine, how do you define style, Mrs. Apfel replied, " Attitude, style is attitude attitude attitude. It ain't what you do, its the way you do it." With that in mind, I took my attitude and some fashion inspiration from Mrs. Iris Apfel and strutted my stuff in loud colors, vibrant prints, and my purple turban. And if you too become inspired by The Iris Apfel, but aren't sure where to start, she has her own jewelry collection called Rara Avis (rare bird) sold on HSN. Take a peak of her collection by clicking here!  

Introducing Iris Apfel

My yellow, printed dress was purchased for $17.50 and my mint "Iris Apfel" inspired shades were $11.50.  My hounds tooth coat was thrifted a while ago from a thrift store in Maryland, so unfortunately I do not remember how much it cost. I do know that it was under $5.
So let us all take a note from the book of Iris and remember style is all about attitude! We can embody infamous style icons and save money simultaneously.
P.S. My Peter Pilotto and Mara Hoffman inspired looks are coming soon!


  1. I love the coat and under $5 awesome! Thanks for linking up on Stylish Saturday. Have a happy Valentine's Day. xx ~ The Fashionista Momma

  2. All hail the mighty Iris Aphel...queen of the statement piece.