Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2 Chainz & 4 Friends

Last Tuesday, Rachel and I hung out with our old high school friend Glorie, who came back in town for a visit. He is doing big things in DC by the way (I had to take a moment to brag)! As usual, the sassy Chanel accompanied us only because it seems I can't go anywhere without her. We headed to Atlanta to Compound, a popular urban club for 2 Chainz birthday/album release party. We charmed the party each in our own individual style. Hope you and Rachel don't mind if I flood this post with some pictures because I LOVED my outfit that night!!!!
                                   Glorie, Myself, Chanel, Rachel
                           (Another poor quality photo from the iphone)

My outfit was simple, but it most definitely made a statement! I wore a royal blue jumper that I found at a thrift store while in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the store I bought it from since it was purchased earlier this summer. And my pretty blue bedazzled satin heels are from Steve Madden.

Rachel wore red slacks from Goodwill, a floral satin blouse from FFFM (FairFax Flea Market), and lastly purple suede sandal heels from Macy's sale rack.

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