Monday, September 16, 2013

All The Single Ladies

This past Saturday was truly a night to remember! So here is the quick background info, I've had the opportunity to intern with costume designer/wardrobe stylist Lorianne Coppin on the set of the TV show 'Single Ladies' on Vh1. The season has neared the end of filming and I was invited to the wrap party.  I was accompanied by, you guessed it, the "Sassy" Chanel! The party took place at the sumptuous Georgian Terrace hotel in their restaurant and bar, the Livingston. To top off a night of great dancing and a room full of beautiful people, there was an open bar!! What more could two young ladies ask for, besides free drinks?!
                  Chanel and I decided to go for a beaded look, mixing both fun and elegance!

I was dressed in a black sequenced dress with blue beading. I purchased this dress from the Goodwill. For those of you that love sequence, like me, the Goodwill is a great place to find those sequenced pieces. I have found so many sequenced dresses and tops from the Goodwill, so keep that in mind! My pumps are from Urban Outfitters.

Chanel wore a gold beaded, sleeveless dress. She also got her dress from the Goodwill. See, what did I tell you!  Since I played stylist that night, I paired her dress with my black strappy wedges that I bought at a boutique in Little Five Points just to give her look some edge and sass to match that personality of hers.  

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