Sunday, September 22, 2013

Antique Addicts

So after our Sunday Funday, I took Rachel to two antique stores, both in the same shopping plaza. First, we went to Finders Keepers Vintage Finds Antiques, where we spent hours browsing. The great thing about them is they have LAYAWAY! After shopping there, we somehow ended up at Ally's Attic. There we quickly browsed because we did not want to spend our money twice.

I bought one thing from each store.  At Finders Keepers, I bought a pair of black and gold earrings with a weaving like detail.  Now be advised, most earrings that you will purchase from antique stores, even the Goodwill are usually clip-on. Personally, I hate clip-on earrings, but I buy them anyway because they are always so cute.  However, if you can't deal with the aching of clip-ons, then you can turn them in to modern earrings, so keep that in mind!  By modern, I mean making the earring wearable for pierced ears.  I bought the most stunning, breathtaking brooch at Ally's Attic. I told myself when I first walked in that I wasn't going to buy anything, but I could not leave without it.  Sometimes, you have to go over budget when you find something so unforgettable, at least that's what I tell myself.

By Rachel's purchases, you can see that she was pleased by her visit to the antique store.  She bought two pairs of earrings (clip-ons) and a gold linked necklace.  Both of her earrings were bought form Finders Keeper's and her necklace is from Ally's Attic. She too struggled fighting the urge not to purchase anything at Ally's. Secretly, I'm glad that she bought the necklace because that means I can borrow it!!

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