Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A girl who antiques is full of character...

Clothing is not the only thing Rachel and I thrift, we also thrift our jewelry.  The Goodwill occasionally has some good finds, but it is not my go to place to find jewelry.  I LOVE shopping at the antique store for my jewelry.  You'd be surprised, along with Lady R (Rachel's rap name btw), of all the beautiful jewelry surrounding you once you step in.  Now, it is extremely important that you have a budget when going because it can become very overwhelming with all of the options! Whenever I go without a budget, I end up over spending, but I leave with some Fab finds! I personally, love to look for brooches at the antique store since I collect them. If I still haven't convinced you to stop by your local antique store, then hopefully some of these reasons listed below will.
Reasons why you should shop at your local antique stores for jewelry:

1.  The quality of the jewelry is way better than anything you will find at any Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, or any stores similar to these. I say they are better quality because some of the pieces are extremely old and still look the same as when they were first made.

2.You will find one of a kind pieces.  One thing is for sure, you will not have to worry about the next person having the same accessories as you because most times there are no duplicates of the jewelry.

3.Usually, you can negotiate the price of the jewelry. I will be honest, the jewelry can be more expensive than jewelry at the places you may shop for trends. BUT as I said before you are paying for quality! Most of the jewelry I have from the antique store, I still have and has not been broken.  Now Rachel, somehow drops all of her clip on earrings and as a result she breaks them.

4.The jewelry has so much character. There is no doubt that you will leave with pieces you love.

5. In the midst of browsing the jewelry, you will find many other treasures.  If you actually go through the entire store you may find antique furniture, collectables, and other accessories like purses, hats, scarves.

I hope that you give the antique store a chance to allow it to astonish you.  And when you do go, remember to have a budget, but most of all take your time and search every nook and crevasse. To encourage and excite you below, are a few things I've stolen from the antique store, but figuratively because the items are such a steal!

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