Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Truth or Rar3?

Meet Jasmine and Deng, creators and designers of a fresh, eclectic clothing line called Rar3 Designs.  This line is all about making their clients feel confident and well, “Rar3,” when dressing in their apparel.  Rar3 is for those who are dreamers of the world with a keen eye for fashion. It is for individuals who are exceptionally uncommon. Say hello to  Jasmine, who is one half of Rar3 Designs. Her personal style is tomboy meets girly. “During the day, I love jerseys from baseball to hockey.  It doesn’t matter the sport.  But, by night you can catch me in a cocktail dress and heels.”

(Left: Deng, Right: Jasmine)

D&R: Where would you like to see Rar3 in the future?
Jasmine: I would love to see Rar3designs as a known brand within the street fashion circuit. I want customers to be excited about the different releases we have each season. We pride ourselves in only releasing a limited number of pieces to keep our brand RAR3.

D&R: What does Rar3 mean to you and Deng?
Jasmine: RAR3 Designs means a lot to Deng and I. It’s something we feel we can call our own and its affordable luxury. You don't have to spend loads of money to make a fashion statement.

D&R: Tell us a little bit about the anchor as your logo. What is the meaning behind it?
Jasmine: The anchor is used at sea to prevent the craft from drifting due to wind or currents. In life we all have dreams/goals. We have to put our anchor down, remain true to ourselves, and hold our ground. We can't let life's currents get us off course while on our dream chasing journey.

Be sure to check out there site (http://www.rar3designs.bigcartel.com) and follow them on Instagram @rar3designs. 

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